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What people say about the Duck Bill Money Clip:

"The Duck Bill Money Clip may just be the best money clip we've ever tried. Crafted of spring tension steel in the good ol' U.S. of A."


"All in all, this item gets an A+ for ease of use, packaging, and workmanship. If you are in the market for a money clip, check this one out!"

- Robynsonlineworld

My boss recommended your money clip so I ordered a new Duck Bill® Money Clip for myself. Your company showed great customer service, I love your money clip and recommend it to everyone.

- Phillip W.
Raleigh, NC 

"I have been using a Duckbill clip for several years in the unpolished style and absolutely love it! In fact I have tried others and still always return to your clip! It is bar none the BEST clip ever made!"

- Keith T.
Harrisonburg, VA




"The best money clip on the planet."*

This is where you order the Patented, Original Duck Bill® Money Clip. Best money clip ever. Great packaging. Great customers. Great customer service. Great guarantee.


The Duck Bill® Money Clip is THE money clip for holding a guy's plastic, credit and currency snug, secure and safe in his front pocket. It's designed like the tool it is, to do one thing exceptionally well. It's the exact right material, shaped the exact right way to gather and hold a guy's indispensable daily carry of cash, credit and plastic, up to 7/16" thick.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip's patented design keeps its permanent bite on a guy's currency and plastic like no other money clip can. Quad Bend Bite™, with its distinctive four-bend, bite-energy storage locations, assures superior, maximum bite pressure.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip is a single piece of craftily formed spring-tension stainless steel. Current money clip users will discover it to be the best. Current wallet users will see in the Duck Bill® Money Clip a superior alternative to sitting lopsided atop a folded hunk of leather wallet leading to a backache.

The Duck Bill® Money Clip is 100% guaranteed for the life of the original owner.

As if being simply the best money clip on the planet isn't enough, it's also the best value. For just $36 ($49 engraved) the Duck Bill® Money Clip delivers superior performance. Period.

Have a name (up to 24 letters and spaces) custom laser engraved on the Duck Bill® Money Clip, and you'll complete one of the most unique, personalized, enduring, daily-use tools a guy can own. Presented in its metal packaging, it's impressive. 

NOTE: Due to extreme popularity of this item as a Holiday gift, we have very limited stock. Please contact us for availability.

Two ways to order the Duck Bill® Money Clip:

Use our Honor System. Send email to:


  • Number of Duck Bill® Money Clips you'd like to order
  • Engraving instructions for each, if any
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number

We'll include an invoice with your order shipment and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. When you receive your shipment, drop your check or money order into the envelope and mail it. That's it.


Submit your order as above and pay through PayPal. We will send you a payment request.

US Shipping is FREE. Expect your unengraved order in about 10 days, and your engraved order in about 2 weeks. Domestic orders only please. For international inquiries, please email


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